Talk Your Teen By Alex P.

In class, we are reading a book called Cosmic. The protagonist, Liam, was reading a book called Talk to Your Teen. If I had written the book, I would have included homework.

Most students are responsible about completing assignments. One issue is that students procrastinate or don’t do the assignment at all. Another problem some students have is that they work slowly or have time management problems. To improve the former, I would prohibit any non-academic activities until all the assignments are finished. If there were any tests or due project coming up, I would have the child study or work on the project. It might also help to make sure all homework is written down.

If your teen has time management problems or work slowly, I would have them use a timer. Hopefully, your teen would choose a reasonable time to complete assignments. In addition, it would be helpful to have your child to do homework in a certain sequence, such as hardest to easiest, easiest to hardest, study first, etc. Another tip would be to do something that will help your child focus before doing homework. For example, some children do exercise to clear their mind. Others read or listen to music.

Thank you for reading and I hope your teen homework problems improve!

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If I Were An Adult For The Day By Alex P.

Image made by me in Sketch book express

If I were an adult for the day, I would learn to drive, see what working is like, and have fun. I would like to learn how to drive because I have driven go- carts before. I would have to be a more careful driving a normal car because they are probably more sensitive whereas when one drives go-carts, one must sharply turn the wheel.

As wonderful as it seems o be an adult, with all the liberties and freedom, there are many prices that come with it. For example, one may think that living in their own house is great. It is, but it is easy to say that when you are not working for it. It is hard to find a good job that suits your preferences, and even harder to have the discipline to work hard everyday for eight or more hours.

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Mark of Athena by Alex P.

Rick Riordan, one of my ago favorite authors, wrote a new book in the Heroes of Olympus series called The Mark of Athena. It is about a world of Greek and Roman and mythology that mortals cannot see due to a magical force called the Mist.

In this book, seven Greek and Roman demigods set out to fulfill the Prophecy of Seven or The Great Prophecy and save the world from the earth goddess, Gaea, who has been planning to destroy human civilization. They voyage on the Argo ll to Rome, to save it from being destroyed by the giants, Gaea’s children. While the other demigods go to face the giants, Annabeth, one of the main characters and daughter of Athena, sets out to follow the Mark of Athena and find the Athena Parthenos, one of the most powerful and famous statues of her mother. Before she finds it, she must face dangers that will test her will, bravery, and craftiness. Will she find the statue? Or will she fail, just like the other children of Athena?

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The Ridiculed Girl Alex P.

There once was a young girl who was not very popular. She was very shy, was constantly brushed off, and everyone thought and said she was strange. One day, she decided to try and become more “normal”. She started by dressing like the others. Everyone was shocked at how she looked but soon forgot, returning to their daily lives.


Crestfallen, the girl asked her sister why she was not accepted even though she looked like everyone else.


Her sister replied, “Try to act in the same way as the others.”

The next day the girl dressed, spoke, and acted in a similar way to her peers. Again, they snubbed her.


They snorted, “What a fake! She looked hideous and acted ridiculously!”

Dejectedly, she trudged home and cried.


She asked her sister again, “What else must I do to win everyone?”


“Uhh…. Maybe attempt to be nicer and more open.”


Slowly, she began to transform, winning others. They gave her their opinion on how she should be. She listened and became the ideal picture of everyone. She took all of the opinions and turned them into the person she wanted to be.


After working on her peers for a long time, she felt so proud yet felt very hollow. Out of her determination to win everyone over, she forgot to be true to herself.


The moral of the story is to be yourself.


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Everyone Agrees to Peace By Alex P.

Image created by me

For my comic life project, I chose to write and draw about “Everyone Agrees to Peace” because I wanted to draw the characters in the story (rooster and fox). I drew all of my illustrations on Sketchbook on my iPad. Then, I transferred them through email on to the computer. Next, I installed the pictures/ drawings onto Comic Life where I organized them and added speech bubbles and other details.

The story is an Aesop Fable teaching others to be honest. It begins with a fox wanting a rooster to come down to eat him. He tells the rooster that all the animals agreed to peace, therefore, there is nothing to fear. The rooster was not deceived and cunningly told the fox that a pack of fox hounds were heading their way. The frightened fox ran off without glancing back.

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Wisdom Tales Test Alex P.






Image made by me in Sketchbook Pro

Today in Language Arts class, we took a test on these short tales called Wisdom Tales. We have been preparing for this open-note test by writing short summaries, naming their origins, and typing the moral for each one in an app called Evernote. I prepared further by making key words bold and by making a MindMiester map for the morals and types of stories. I also re-read them.

The advantage of using Evernote was that it found words or titles in stories when you typed it in the search bar. This helped when we had to name certain tales out of the 51. If I were to re-take this test, I would print out the tales because reading a piece of paper is easier for me. Also, you can highlight, circle, and underline the words.

If you were taking this test soon, these are my words of wisdom: Study! Do not think that because it is open-note, you do not have to. This makes the test harder. Therefore, do what makes it easy for you to find information quickly!

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Thankful For by Alex P.


I am thankful for my family. They support, help, guide, teach, and comfort me. I can always count on them. They make me laugh and cheer me on. We tease each other and know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. My brother and I get along easily and I know that I will always be there for him and I know my family will be there for me. Things come and go, but my family will always be the same. I love them all very much.

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Thanksgiving By Alex P

Pumpkin pie baking,

Gardeners raking,

School is out,

No homework to worry about


The family says the prayer,

Dessert is saved for later,

Food piled on the platter,

Utensils clatter


Delicious flavors,

So much to savor,

Which to eat first?

None of the foods are the “worst”


Dinner comes to a close,

There aren’t any woes,

Outside it gets dark,

Which is what marks,

The end of Thanksgiving dinner.






Image created by me on Doodle Buddy

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Poems Alex P.


I couldn’t do my homework because I was on a run,

I didn’t shoot the basketball because I was blinded by the sun,

I will not go to bed because now I want a bath,

And I didn’t pay attention in class for I dislike math,

In art my work was messy because I didn’t use the stencil,

And now I can’t finish my report ‘cause I broke my pencil,

All of my excuses that I wanted to say,

Well, did they get me out of trouble… just for today?


Wispy cotton floating in the heavens,

Like fluffy sheep in a blue pasture,

Slowly being persuaded by the nagging wind


The heavens boom ominously,

The sky crying and shedding infinite tears,

Turning the earth into limpid pools

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When to Start a Paragraph Alex P.

In my language arts class, I presented a Keynote, using my iPad, on when to start a paragraph. I used many visual effects and transitions and I also used Doodle Buddy to write the key concepts instead of typing. I used this technique because it emphasizes the point and it pops out. During this presentation, I covered what a paragraph is and how to structure it. I presented how to start dialogue paragraphs and regular paragraphs.

A way to remember the paragraph structure is to use the acronym IFREECT. What it stands for is listed below:

Introduction (thesis statement)







One starts a paragraph when going to begin to write about a new topic. A paragraph is four to eight sentences that expand on one idea. This is also in a way, the case with dialogue paragraphs.

One begins a dialogue paragraph when the speaker changes. All the thoughts and actions of the character stay in the same paragraph as the dialogue.

I chose this project because I felt that I wrote well-structured paragraphs. Therefore, I believed it might be something easier for me to explain.

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