Wisdom Tales Comic by Jinger








I really enjoyed making a comic on wisdom tales. One of three best things was using Sketchbook. At first I was really angry with it and I wanted quit. But, then I was patient and realized Sketchbook was really cool to use. The great things were that Sketchbook had lots of varieties of pencils and markers that you could use and they came in different forms and textures. For my comic I choose to do Antlers. I chose to d0 Antlers because I thought it would be fun to draw the deer and the whole moral.

Thankful by… Jinger







I can’t even begin to say how many things I am thankful for! I have two specific things I am thankful for though. I really want to thank my family and DA. My family has been so grateful to me. Including my mom, dad, my two dogs, and yes, even my sister Joy. My family members have each gone out of their way to do little things for me that I will never forget. For instance, my mom and dad always help me when I am stuck on something even when it doesn’t have to do with academics. They are always there for me 24/7, and they would do anything for me. They would even die for me. I am so grateful I have parents that love me so much!

I am so glad we have such a close bond as a family, especially my mom and me. I am also grateful for my twin sister Joy. There are pros and cons to having a twin sister since I am thanking her I won’t talk about the cons. Joy is like a permanent BFF who is always there for me to talk to. We laugh together, we sing together, we do everything together! I have to admit the best thing about having a twin sister is that when you forget your homework or need help on something Joy is always there to help me.

Now I want to thank my dog. I know he can’t talk but I feel like we communicate together and he is always there to help me. He helps me get back up when I am down and his way of paying me back when I take care of him is licks. He is always giving me licks! I love my family so much that words can’t describe! This Thanksgiving I will take the time and thank everyone who has been good to me! Including all of my wonderful friends!

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I Am Thankful For…By David

I am thankful for the fact that my family is not constantly “plugged in” to devices. We are a family that watches television, so it is a bit easier to stay away from electronics. It makes me be able to appreciate the world a bit better and learn about things that interest me like psychology and the world that is around us. It also helps us connect as a family. I am also thankful for the school that I go to. It is the best school ever!

I Am Grateful For…By: Sam G.


Picture taken by:Sam G

I am grateful for chocolate Labrador Monte. Monte is 8 years old and loves food even though he is only 70 lbs.! Monte is energetic and plays with me and my brothers every day. Our family often enjoys playing our favorite prank on him. We take a paper grocery bag and put it on his head. He then angrily tears it off his head and begins the show. He attacks the bag and rips it into a hundred pieces and then wags his tail for another fight. He loves to go on walks and enjoy our company. He is a great companion. Our family loves him and I am proud that we have Monte for our dog.

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I Am Thankful For…. by Michael J





I am thankful of my family. My family is very important to me. They support me with everything, help me with anything I need, and work hard for me to be the best that I can. They care about me a lot. My parents are very smart and help me accomplish things and put in time for me. My sister is very nice and helps me with school and other things. I love my family and they are the most important thing to me.

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I am Thankful for… By Michael S




I am very grateful for a lot of things, but the one thing I am very grateful for is my family. I have a big and a great family. I have two sisters, one brother, a mom, and a dad. My sisters are very nice but sometimes they can be really annoying. My brother is just like me, he loves basketball and sports. My mom is so helpful. She does the dishes, the laundry, and helps me with my homework. My dad is helpful too. He does the laundry, dishes, and practices with me for basketball. I am very lucky to have a great family.

How are We Reacting to the iPads and other Technology? by David

This year, we got iPads for every student in the school. Since this is new for everyone, I am wondering how everyone else feels. Personally, I think that at times it is easier not having to carry so much around and having the Internet at our fingertips, but at other times people can be irresponsible and bad with them. They are a tool with good uses and bad uses. We also have better software for computers, which is good, in my opinion. What is your opinion? Please comment to share it!



What is Your Favorite Dystopian Fiction Book? By David

Dystopian fiction is a newly popular genre started by what I call “Hunger Games-itis” in which there is a protagonist in a new country where the government controls everything, whose family is poor and by some means of selection move in to the center of society. It is a fun genre to read. In the past few years, the number of this type of books has increased by a lot. I’d really like to know what your favorites are. Please comment!


iPad Tips by: Ellie

If you are having problems with your iPad turn the app off. (double click home, then press and hold one of the apps and then press the minus button) If that still doesn’t work then turn your iPad all the way off. To turn your iPad all the way off you press and hold the off button until you are able to slide an arrow. You slide the arrow and the iPad will turn off. This will take about a minute. Them you keep pressing the off button until there is an apple in the middle of the screen. Your iPad is now turning on and when it turns all the way on then you go back to the problem you were having and retry to do whatever you were doing. If this doesn’t work then go to an Apple store and get it fixed.







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Surprise by Sam





Photo drawn by: Sam

Do you ever get the feeling that you are being watched? I do. Do this turn around in every direction and put a menacing look on your face. Then if someone or something is there you are ready for a surprise. Always stay alert and nothing humiliating or bad will not happen to you. You can learn from the mistakes your make like this. Do not be scared of anything and do not be taken by surprise.

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